Jukka M. Toivanen

PhD (Computer Science), Data Scientist
This is my academic homepage. I did a Computer Science PhD on Computational Creativity, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence under supervision of Professor Hannu Toivonen. Currently, I work as a Senior Data Scientist at Swap.com


Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications

Invited Scientific Publications

Other Publications

  • Jukka M. Toivanen, Paavo Toivanen: Konedadaa vai keskeisloruja? Parnasso 4:22-25, 2012.



Thesis supervision

  • 1 Master's thesis currently under supervision (CS)
  • In 2012 supervised 4 Bachelor's theses (CS)


  • Cognitive Modelling II: Statistical Natural Language Processing, autumn 2012 (CogSci/CS)
  • Introduction to Computational Creativity, summer 2012 (Open Univ. of Helsinki, CogSci)

Teaching Assistant

  • History and Classics in Cognitive Science II, spring 2012 (CogSci)


  • Tutor, autumn 2008 (CogSci)
CS = Computer Science, CogSci = Cognitive Science

Other stuff

  • Brains on Art: Bringing together cognitive science, computing, and art


Email: jukka.m.toivanen [at] gmail.com